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Renewable Energy

Working to spread environmentally responsible, sustainable energy

  • What is Renewable Energy?

    What is Renewable Energy?

    The energy of the future, renewable energy is obtained from inexhaustible sources — the sun, water, geothermy, and biomass — that can regenerate in a relatively short period of time. Within this field, Techno System is working on solar power generation as used with our compact desalination equipment; and biomass power generated from burning thinned lumber, which is showing promise as a locally recycled and produced energy source. We are diligently working to promote these new energy sources, which are of the utmost importance to the earth’s future and our quality of life.

  • Generate earth friendly electricity

    Generate earth friendly electricity

    Techno System’s renewable energy endeavors are divided broadly into two sectors of power generation: solar and biomass. Leading the natural energy industry, solar power generation is presently attracting investor interest. Our company offers full package solutions, providing on-site surveys of potential locations, construction, and final electric power supply. We have a reputation for creating packages that can be used immediately, thereby avoiding a difficult application procedure. Unlike solar power, biomass power generation is highly effective as a source of locally produced energy. By bringing together regional forestry organizations and other local groups, this energy source contributes to environmental conservation through heat sharing, and works to revitalize regions economically, environmentally, and socially. We aim to provide sustainable energy and contribute to environmental conservation through these two main business pillars.