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Biomass Power Generation

A wood-based energy project in which thinned lumber is burned to generate energy.
Cooperating with municipalities, regional forestry industries, and other local groups, this method leads to recycling and reduction of a portion of the energy generated, and promotes economic, environmental, and social revitalization.


  • Social Revitalization

    Creating a stable woody biomass fuel production base expands employment for forest workers involved in energy production.

  • Contribution to Environmental Preservation

    Periodic thinning leads to more productive forests, which could increase the amount of CO2 absorption per square meter. In addition, CO2 emissions can be reduced by converting hot water heaters from fossil fuels to a wood-based energy source.

  • Economic Results

    Expanding lumber biomass fuel production will generate external sales and lead to the creation of a sixth-sector industry, which could increase profits in agriculture and forestry.

  • Creating Sustainable Energy

    Utilizing the forest as a source of energy for regional consumption and production, we work to coexist harmoniously with nature, creating sustainable energy and preserving local woodlands.

Successful Installations

  • (日本語) (1.2MW)新潟バイオマス発電

    (日本語) (1.2MW)新潟バイオマス発電