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Solar Power Generation

The sun is an inexhaustible source of eco-friendly energy.

solar power eliminates the need to search for appropriate land in the energy ecosystem, or to apply for permission to change land use. We also offer units that are ready to use, so you can begin generating solar power immediately.


  • Stable Income

    For business or investment purposes, users can sell all the electricity they generate to power companies through the national Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Scheme. Homeowners* can earn steady income by selling back extra electricity through the Excess Electricity Purchasing Scheme for Photovoltaic Power.

    *Power Generation Under 10 KW
  • Expansion of Tax
    Incentive System

    Use of the Green Investment Tax Break* system reduces expenditures and results in tax savings.

    *Conditions apply.
  • Use During Power Outages

    When the power goes out, solar power is a good source of emergency electricity since it requires only sunlight to operate.

  • Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Scheme

    This system guarantees purchase of electricity at a fixed price for 20 years. Prices depend on the country in which the electricity is generated.

* Green Investment Tax Break
This tax reduction system was established in 2011 to promote effective use of renewable energy. Businesses can obtain tax deductions and special redemptions for depreciable assets by obtaining and using equipment specified as a green investment, including solar, wind, biomass, and hydraulic power.

*Types of Redemptions & Deductions
100% Immediate Redemption: 9 year loss carry-forward possible.
30% Special Redemption: 30% special redemption only. Not often used at present since 100% immediate redemption is available.
7% tax deduction: 7% of the acquisition price is exempt from tax from the fiscal year in which power sales begin. (The deductible amount is limited to 20% of the corresponding fiscal year.)

Successful Installations

  • (日本語) (2.626MW)長崎県佐世保

    (日本語) (2.626MW)長崎県佐世保

  • (日本語) (16.8MW)栃木県日光

    (日本語) (16.8MW)栃木県日光

  • (日本語) (2.1MW)長崎県諫早

    (日本語) (2.1MW)長崎県諫早

  • (日本語) (1.2MW)熊本県山室

    (日本語) (1.2MW)熊本県山室

  • (日本語) (1.2MW)熊本県菊池郡

    (日本語) (1.2MW)熊本県菊池郡

  • (日本語) (2.4MW)高知県須崎

    (日本語) (2.4MW)高知県須崎

  • (日本語) (1.2MW)福岡県飯塚

    (日本語) (1.2MW)福岡県飯塚

  • (日本語) (1.8MW)岡山県赤磐

    (日本語) (1.8MW)岡山県赤磐

  • (日本語) (2.4MW)京都府南丹

    (日本語) (2.4MW)京都府南丹

  • (日本語) (621kw)兵庫県夢前

    (日本語) (621kw)兵庫県夢前

  • (日本語) (500kw)兵庫県丹波

    (日本語) (500kw)兵庫県丹波

  • (日本語) (1.0MW)千葉県東金

    (日本語) (1.0MW)千葉県東金

  • (日本語) (1.1MW)鳥取県東伯郡

    (日本語) (1.1MW)鳥取県東伯郡

  • (日本語) (49kw×18区画)石川県加賀市

    (日本語) (49kw×18区画)石川県加賀市

  • (日本語) (2.4MW)群馬県高崎

    (日本語) (2.4MW)群馬県高崎

Risk-Reduction Measures

Techno System carries out the following risk-reduction measures for eco-friendly solar power generation.

  • Damage & Theft

    A third party insurance company ensures a double warranty to reduce and avoid risk of rain leakage, roof damage, theft, and disaster.

  • Unmet Expected Generation Volume & Reduced Generation Efficiency

    After a thorough on-site survey, solar volume is calculated from past climate data. Furthermore, design and construction are extremely precise, equipped to handle 25 years of guaranteed output and unforeseen weather conditions. We take thorough measures to deal with such issues.

  • Power Price Reduction

    Since the power purchase price is announced at the time of application and set for 20 years, there is no risk of the price going down.

  • Difficult Maintenance & Upkeep

    We have contracted with a manufacturing partner’s maintenance company, with a full-time manager on site. Daily inspections are conducted, and a system has been constructed to deal with any problems that might arise.

Cost Simulation

CASE Example: University S (for Roof + Open Land)

  • Solar Power
    Generator Output
  • Unit Cost
    42 Yen/KWh (Tax Included)
  • Annual Balance
    Power Sale Charge - Purchase Charge = 9,028,000 Yen
  • Cost Simulation

Solar Power Generation System
Unit Sales

Techno System provides unit-based solar power generators that include land and equipment, allowing solar power access for a larger number of customers. By breaking down a large solar power plant into subdivided sections, we are able to sell the power at a set price without requiring a difficult application procedure.

  • Unit System Merits

    • No need to take time searching for land or completing an application.
    • Expect approximate profits of about 10% or higher due to the national guarantee system (FIT Scheme).
    • Preferential tax treatment (Green Investment Tax Incentive)
  • Unit Sale Types

    • Low voltage housing units: low voltage 49.98 KW system
    • High voltage housing units: 1 MW to 82 MW systems
  • Specifications

    • Solar panels provided by Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer
    • Guarantee: 25 year output guarantee / 10 year product guarantee / 10 year financial loss (lost profits) guarantee