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Food Systems

Safely and securely delivering products that always have that fresh-cooked flavor.

  • Background on Commercialization of Food Systems

    Background on Commercialization of Food Systems

    Food is indispensable to human life. Just as with the desalinators we developed when our company was founded, we want to use the strengths of our pump technology to provide food services safely and securely for everyone. This desire is what led to our work in food systems

    We use this pump technology for our Delicious Server product, now our flagship item. And we have equipped it with a one-of-a-kind system for mixing ingredients. We are able to provide a service that uses up all of the contents to the very last drop, without risk of charring or over-cooking. The ease and convenience of operation have made this product a hit with convenience stores and large amusement parks in Japan, and sales are also increasing overseas. Other services such as our "Hito-tsubo" 3.3m2 store startups, mobile sales vehicles, and restaurant construction and opening services are positioning us as a leader in total support services for the restaurant industry.

  • One Stop Solution Food Systems

    One Stop Solution Food Systems

    Every aspect of our food system business focuses on minimizing space needs and keeping costs low. This emphasis can be seen in our "Hito-tsubo" 3.3 m2 stores and mobile sales vehicles. Start-up costs are minimal since there is no initial construction. We have achieved a line-up that is efficient and hygienic, and runs entirely on electricity.

    Our mobile sales vehicles allow our customers to conduct business over a wide area, moving wherever people are gathered. Furthermore, we also offer support for restaurants, including store promotions, menu creation, and location selection. From our Delicious Server, which provides delicious food anytime with one-touch functionality, to our total production services for opening restaurants, Techno System’s food system business offers a total one-stop solution.

Business Sectors

  • Patented Food Server

    Our globally patented Delicious Server product delivers set portions of fresh-cooked flavor on demand for Japanese and foreign cuisine alike. It can help you significantly reduce personnel, food, and facility costs.

  • Space Saving & Low Cost Store Management

    Our "Hito-tsubo" 3.3 m2 store startups and mobile sales vehicles both operate efficiently in small spaces, providing a variety of items safely and hygienically, powered only by electricity. We can also customize products to your desired image and budget.

  • Opening Support for Restaurants

    Thinking of opening a restaurant? We can offer comprehensive support, including location selection, menu creation, stocking, and promotional services. Our solutions will help you operate effectively.