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Water Systems

Techno System’s desalination business contributes to solutions for water problems throughout the world.

  • 枯れた大地

    Why Work on Desalination?

    Water is becoming increasingly scarce due to factors such as global warming, population growth, and increases in water usage due to improved living standards. As many as 1.7 billion people across the globe suffer from chronic water shortages. And yet, about 70% of the earth's surface is water. In fact, most of this water is found in the oceans: only 0.01% is freshwater that can be used by humans. Water pollution is another issue that cannot be overlooked.

    As water crises mount in the 21st century, solving these water problems will decide our planet's future. With this in mind, Techno System launched its desalination business, determined to find solutions for these global problems by utilizing Japanese technology and know-how.

  • グラスに注がれる水

    Techno System′s Desalination Business

    Our water system operation is a pillar of Techno System's business. Our water desalinators were devised a year after the company was launched, starting with a small river water desalinator, and then moving on to a mobile desalinator truck and a containerized desalinator system. We have introduced folding solar panels for use in regions where electricity is unavailable, and obtained a patent for our desalination technology in 2010. We developed inexpensive, portable units for use in areas with scattered populations of 50 to 100 people. Some of this equipment is as small as a suitcase. The greatest strength of the products we create is their ability to provide the right volume of water wherever it is needed.

Basic Technology & Key Points

  • Water Quality

    The TECHNO Water Series allows for the provision of high quality water from any source, including seawater, slurry, and other sources that do not meet water quality standards.

  • Patents

    We have acquired or applied for a variety of patents for each part and device, and are our intellectual property is protected internationally.

  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes

    Ocean water is passed through a reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) using a high pressure pump. This separates the pure, membrane-permeating water from the concentrated, salty ocean water.